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PORTION CONTROLLED products are all portion controlled to prevent waste and shrink that cuts into profit margins. Our proprietary system guarantees any employee can operate your smoothie bar and make a consistent drink every time.


Our products require no refrigeration and are shelf stable for up to 12 months. Impressively, products only contain .001% of a preservative to achieve this. Our smoothies are naturally gluten free, 99% fat free and, most importantly, contain No HFCS.


Because our smoothie bar setups are so compact, many of our customers run their smoothie bars as additional profit centers within their facilities and are able to use existing labor. Your front desk employee that checks people in? He or she can easily run the smoothie bar too.


We give you everything you need to get your smoothie bar up and running. This means you only need one vendor,, to maintain your inventory- product, accessories, signage & more- minimizing your overall shipping costs and boosting your bottom line.

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