Feeling ‘Hangry’ Is A Real Thing Experts Say

Crabby, irritable, angry for no reason? That’s just not like you, right? Well, now experts say you really can blame it on feeling hangry.

When the term ‘hangry’ popped up, it did so somewhat as a joke. T-shirts were created that read “Sorry for what I said when I was hangry.” and it became a laughable excuse for those moments we were feeling irritable and starving at the same time.

Turns out there is some science behind this feeling.

When you don’t eat, your blood sugar drops quite low which causes your body to release cortisol and epinephrine in an effort to get it back to normal. Coincidentally, those hormones can also lead to irritability!

When you’re hungry, Neuropeptide Y is also produced as a way for your body to signal that you need food. This hormone has been linked with aggression too.

There’s no defined time for when your body will kick into ‘hangry’ mode but the longer you go without eating, the more risk you have to become irritable and lash out.

Experts recommend you carry healthy snacks like nuts and yogurt with you to fight the blood sugar lows and to hold off on any mentally taxing activities until you can refuel.

SmoothieCompany.com experts recommend you load up with healthy proteins and fats instead of carb heavy options to stay full the longest. If you’re getting a smoothie for example, make sure to get at least 20g of protein and opt for a filling add-in like peanut butter or granola.


Read more about what the experts had to say over on Health.com.


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