Smoothies For Health & Fitness

Open A Protein & Nutrient-Packed Smoothie Bar With The Smoothie Company

Bringing nutritious smoothies to health clubs, fitness centers, gyms & more!

Our turn-key smoothie bar systems are focused around creating smoothies that are better for your customers and even better for your bottom line. For health clubs, gyms, and fitness centers, we’ve streamlined our programs while adding in some fitness-focused favorites. Our low carb, low fat protein powders are available in chocolate and vanilla, along with several popular supplements to allow for customizable smoothies.

In this space, we are always evolving, adding new supplements and fine tuning our products to fit in with your customer’s lifestyle, making our health club smoothie bar programs perfect for any health-focused facility. Whether you’re focused on pre-workout fuel or your post-workout recovery, we have recipes for your fitness goals!

What makes our customers most excited about our health club smoothie bars? They are easy to operate and can be run with existing labor. Most of our customers utilize their front desk employees who can blend up a fresh protein-filled smoothie in less than a minute!

Smoothies to Benefit Every Fitness Journey

At The Smoothie Company, we are proud to say that we have perfected our smoothie recipes to include both delicious flavors and health benefits that everyone can enjoy. Working alongside health professionals, our smoothie purees and mixes can be customizable to fit the needs of anyone, no matter where they are in their personal fitness or health targets.

  • No HFCS
  • Naturally gluten free & 99% fat free
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial colors
  • 50% fewer calories than a traditional smoothie
  • 50% less sugar than a traditional smoothie
  • Sweetened naturally with fruit sugars and stevia
  • Designed to blend perfectly with supplements and powdered protein

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