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Our Mission: To help all individuals achieve more, live more, enjoy more and go further through our products, services, programs and expertise.


Our obsession with smoothie bars began in 2006 when a health club owner and a beverage industry professional observed a gap in the smoothie industry.  At the time, smoothie bar programs were complicated, wasteful, inefficient and fee-heavy. Using profitable know-how from other beverage programs, the two came together to provide an affordable and efficient, turn-key smoothie bar program designed to make money and satisfy customers. This proprietary concept has proven to be continuously successful for anyone interested in opening a stand alone smoothie shop as well as adding on to their current business.

Where We Are Today

Today is continuing to carve out our niche in the smoothie industry. Across the nation, we are known for our simple, yet effective, proprietary programs, our health focused smoothies and our dedication to customer service. These three offerings make our turn-key smoothie bar programs successful and propel our growth into the future.
Smoothies continue to be one of the most profitable beverages a business can sell and last year alone, Americans spent $12.8 billion on these delicious, yet healthy, drinks.
This is why you'll find products in a broad range of locations. While we certainly appeal to the health and fitness industry because of our quality purees and supplements, you'll also find us in cafes, country clubs, tanning centers, movie theaters, schools, grocery stores, coffee shops, universities, hospitals and more! Where there's people, there's an opportunity for smoothies.
We work hard to continue to be America's #1 Smoothie Bar Experts.

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To put it simply: we're the total package. We provide quality products, top-notch support, a proprietary no-waste system and more all for an affordable price.
We never require a contract, royalty agreement or franchise fees to use our brand.
Our customers are #1. We don't profit unless you do.
We invite you to explore our website, ask us questions and learn more about opening your very own smoothie bar.
We are here to help you!
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