Why You Need To Offer Seasonal Drink Flavors In Your Establishment

Pumpkin spice has been having a moment in the spotlight for at least the last 5 years thanks to Starbucks and other chain establishments. You get it. You should be offering it. But the hype lasts for 30 days and then your customers are onto something new so it can seem like a waste to bring in new inventory for such a short amount of time.

We hate to admit it, but it’s those small changes that can make an impactful difference to your customers.


Read more about how offering seasonal drink flavors in your establishment can help grow your business:


1. You’re staying current!

Maybe you don’t care if you seem outdated because that’s not your ‘thing’ but it certainly doesn’t hurt to create the perception that you’re up to speed with current trends. Long-time customers may not care one way or another about new offerings but new customers will be impressed especially if you’re a local business.


2. You have the opportunity to add your own signature twist.

If staying current doesn’t sound enticing, how about putting a signature twist on a drink that everyone already loves? Doing this can set your offering apart from the rest and make patrons feel like you’re not just following the crowd for brownie points. Create a delicious new flavor combination and you can watch your sales climb.


3. Repeat customers get a break from the same old options.

At the very least, offering a limited time flavor can make patrons feel like your staple offerings are refreshed once the seasonal excitement has passed. This may not garner more drink sales but can help your establishment to keep customers over the long run and will help to maintain your bottom line.


4. You’ll end up selling more of everything.

If one person stop in to try your seasonal flavor, you can bet they have at least one other person with them. Even if the other person doesn’t care for your seasonal options, they’ll purchase other items simply because they are there. Hey, you might even impress them and gain a couple of repeat purchasers in the process.


5. You’ll build anticipation.

Promote seasonal flavors regularly and you’ll have customers anticipating your next offering. They will be more likely to pay attention to your updates on social media and will be more likely to stop by your establishment just to see what’s new.



Here are some of the most popular seasonal flavors you should incorporate into your beverage program:

October: Pumpkin Spice

November: Cider

December: Peppermint, Mocha, White Chocolate

January: Low-Cal Options

February: Dark Chocolate

March: Peppermint, Vanilla

June, July: Lemonade


We have products to satisfy all of the above seasonal favorites.

Contact us today to start carrying Royale Brands products in your business!



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