FAQs About Working With The Smoothie Company

We guarantee to get you started with what you need and nothing that you don’t. Our smoothie bar programs are of the highest value and enable you to recoup your initial investment from sales.

Our proprietary smoothie bar programs are designed and engineered for simple, efficient and quick smoothie production. Our systems ensure minimal operating expenses and the highest profit margins per serving.

We are unique in that every dollar you make, you keep. We never charge you annual fees or royalties that other branded concepts and franchises do. We are also unique in that we offer ongoing marketing support to all of our customers. We truly value each and every one of our customers which guarantees you top-notch customer service.

If you know you want to open a smoothie bar with us, you’ve made a great choice! Please contact us and we will get you all of the necessary information within 24 hours.

We have in-house experts ready to answer any questions you may have so that we can get you started with a package that is right for you.

The bare minimum: you need an ice machine and a three basin sink.

A commercial blender is needed. Please contact us for equipment options.

Your initial investment includes products, accessories, signage and your choice of equipment all bundled together as a starter package to give you the maximum value for your investment. We also offer starter packages without equipment if you already own a commercial option.

There isn’t one! You OWN your smoothie bar and every dollar you make from it. We do not believe in restrictive agreements to keep you as a customer. We let our work speak for itself and have kept our customers based on our outstanding products and service.

No worries! We offer starter packages that include all of the product you need to switch if you already have equipment!

Definitely not. You will notice that there are some products that move faster than others (hello Triple Berry!) but because our products are shelf stable after opening and require no refrigeration, you’ll have no problem working through your inventory.

We give you only what you need to start selling so we never inflate our start-up packages like some of our competitors.

From start to finish, we can have your smoothie bar set up in place within 10 – 20 days after you place your starter package order. Depending on the starter package you’ve chosen, installation of the equipment and signage may be necessary. This takes only a few hours and then you’re ready to start selling that same day!

Ready to learn more about opening a smoothie bar? Contact us today to get started!