How To Make High Margin Made-To-Order Beverages Quickly

It’s no secret that today’s customers will pay a premium for fresh made beverages when compared to a pre-made product. You may be using the exact same ingredients but something about a made-to-order beverage makes people feel like you are really taking care of them and makes them think you are using fresher ingredients.


But what happens if you’re establishment is tight on time and labor? You’ve got an infinite amount of orders coming in and customers to take care of. What do you do? Do you opt for a batch mix and take a hit on your margin or do you stick it out and force your staff to rush?


Fortunately, you don’t have to do either one. You are able to serve up quality, made-to-order, beverages in a timely manner and still charge fresh-made prices.


Below we break down the secret ingredients to executing this profitable beverage program concept. With the right products, making a premium, fresh, beverage is as simple as adding real fruit puree, liquor, ice and water to a blender jar or shaker. Mix for 30 seconds and serve. Your customers get a fresh-made drink in 60 seconds or less.


What you need to make a fresh beverage in less than 60 seconds:


1. Portion Controlled Product

Portion controlled product lets your customers make any beverage quickly and without error because they’re not guessing on ingredient measurements. This is good for your bottom line and for your customers who depend on consistent drink quality.

Tip: If you get the right products, you can pack a lot of flavor into each drink with fewer ingredients, saving your staff valuable time in making a drink.

(Royale Brands offers premium, portion controlled, real fruit purees and other concentrates that allow you to make several delicious drinks per one bottle of product.) 


2. Shelf Stable

By placing your beverage ingredients where your staff can quickly reach them, you’re saving valuable seconds. Plus, having a shelf stable beverage removes any costs left to ingredient expiration. This keeps your margins high while providing a more efficient process for your staff.

(Royale Brands products are all shelf stable for up to 12 months and made with only .001% of a preservative.) 


3. User friendly operations

You can’t make much without some recipes and employee training. Make sure your staff has been properly trained to make beverages using all ingredients in a way that’s easy peezy to remember.

A recipe card matching the drinks on your menu should be in reach at all times and should be easy to read. Eliminating any guessing from the process guarantees a consistently delicious drink every time.

(Royale Brands provides professionally designed recipe cards with every beverage program for easy to follow instruction.)



4. Quality equipment

Now if you’re making drinks served over the rocks you don’t need much but for frozen drinks, don’t skimp on a blender. A commercial blender will last years longer than an inexpensive counterpart and will make your blended drinks silky smooth. Plus, commercial blenders can whip up a finished drink in 30 seconds or less which is key to delivering a made-to-order drink as quickly as possible.

(Royale Brands offers commercial equipment with all of our beverage programs and a full staff of in house experts to answer any questions you may have once you’re up and running.)




Bonus: Well designed drink menu

Never doubt the power of a professionally designed drink menu. Proper design can draw attention to your most profitable beverages and boost your bottom line.

Royale Brands maintains an in-house marketing and design department to help you design a professional drink menu for your beverage program.



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