New Study: Can You Improve Your Health In One Minute A Day?

A recent study from the University of Exeter and the University of Leicester found that women who participated in “brief bursts” of weight-bearing, high-intensity activity equivalent to a medium-paced run, had better bone health.

Researchers found that women who, on average, did 60-120 seconds of the above activity per day reaped the benefits of 4% better bone health than those who completed less than a minute. They found 6% better bone health among those who did more than two minutes a day.

Some questions still remain however. Researchers do not yet know if the same results can be achieved with shorter bouts of exercise during the day or by enduring longer bouts of activity fewer times per week and “cant be sure whether the high intensity physical activity led to better bone health, or whether those with better bone health do more of this exercise.”

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A small amount of precisely measured high-intensity habitual physical activity predicts bone health in pre- and post-menopausal women in UK Biobank. International Journal of Epidemiology, 2017; DOI:

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